Katharina Steinbrecher

How would you describe your professional journey so far? What is your background, and what sparked your interest in currently working to support political innovation?

With a background in theatre and many years working at Vienna’s Belvedere museum, my life has been vastly shaped by the arts, and it will always have a place in my heart and occupy half of it. I would say the other half has always been politics and socio-political issues. That’s why I did my diploma project on the history and presence of the Western Balkans. I traveled to the South Caucasus and to Iran to conduct research on theatre, and I completed a PhD on 9/11 in theatre texts.

In 2016, I was fortunate to take a deep dive into politics when I joined the campaigning team of Irmgard Griss, an independent candidate who was running for President in Austria. Getting involved in a campaign is a great way for idealists like myself to get their feet on the ground and face the challenges that arise when you want to turn wise words into actions.

What’s something—big or small—that you’re really good at?

I can travel with just carry-on luggage, no matter how long the trip is.

Name a must-read political book.

“Returning to Reims” by Didier Eribon.

What’s your favorite part of your job? Why is that?

Working with people who want to make an impact. That is something that energizes me.

What’s your favorite movie?

Many! Most recently, “Triangle of Sadness” – a hilarious satire on the selfishness and shallowness of the art world.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Read newspapers that do not reflect your own opinion.