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12-14 November 2021

Held before the conference, the Local Labs facilitate change directly in your municipality – all over Europe and the MENAT region. Join us and experience a brand-new and unique process that fosters local innovation: the ACT NOW Sprint. Drawing on innovative formats like design sprints and hackathons, this process allows participating municipalities to develop a solution for a pressing local challenge. No matter which local challenge or Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you want to tackle, we are here to guide you through the process.

1. Sign up today

In order to form a Local Lab, you need to register your municipality or local authority. Simply sign up here for free and let us know which challenge or SDG you want to tackle.
Soon you will take part in a weekend full of innovative ideas and solutions.

2. Get organised

Once you register, we will help you get organised. Find 5-10 locals from various backgrounds who are willing to take action with you. Additionally, nominate a Sprint Mentor who is willing to facilitate the process – and don’t worry, we will provide all the tools, structures and training the Sprint Mentor needs.

3. Find solutions and create impact

At the Local Lab you will experience a multi-faceted digital programme including keynotes, best practice exchange and direct feedback from an expert panel. This collaborative and structured problem-solving process will help you to take action – and create impact. Afterwards, you can share your results with international change-makers during the ACT NOW Mayors’ Conference in spring 2022.


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Spring 2022

Field trips and ACT NOW Mayors’ Conference

Meet value-driven leaders who create tangible action. Learn and grow within an international community of change-makers and share your results from the Local Labs.
Stay tuned!

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