The Innovation in Politics Awards 2021

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Innovation in Politics Awards! We invite politicians from all over Europe to submit their most outstanding political initiatives. A jury of 1,000 citizens will then select the winning projects in nine categories.

The Innovation in Politics Institute

Improving democratic politics is our mission: The Innovation in Politics Institute identifies, develops and applies innovations in politics and facilitates best practice exchange across borders and party lines.

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Best Practice in Politics

We curate exemplary political work that successfully tackles today’s most pressing issues, from education to economy, from ecology to human rights, from democracy to coping with Covid-19. This platform is a hub of tried and tested best practices in politics.

Coping with the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis poses major challenges for everyone. We collect, document and provide innovative practices in dealing with the crisis across Europe and at all political levels. On this platform we make the best practices available to politics and society.