Solving policy challenges—from decarbonising cities and regions to improving education through the use of innovative methods and solutions—requires organisations that have the know-how, skills, management capacities, and networks to bring together the right stakeholders, manage interests, and create and coordinate platforms for society’s benefit.

Innovation in Politics Advisory
is a specialised, independent and non-partisan organisation that solves policy challenges by collaborating with governments, businesses and civil society.
We do this by leveraging our: 

‣  network of renowned experts, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and politicians throughout Europe and beyond

‣  diverse team of experts with in-depth experience in strategic analysis, knowledge of policy and politics alike, as well as a track record of entrepreneurial successes

‣  best-practice database of proven and exemplary projects and programmes that helped solve policy challenges in other contexts


We do not build castles in the air but concrete solutions that can be evaluated.


We work together with partners from our Europe-wide network to define the solutions that work and really add value.


Our approach does not take years to implement – after 6 months, the first results are already on the table.

For more information or a specific inquiry, please contact:

Martina Fürrutter, Head of Advisory

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