Youth Network


The ACT NOW Youth Network

The ACT NOW Youth Network is a community of young citizens from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa between 18 and 30 years. The network provides young people with the necessary tools to become local changemakers and support them in their common aim to strengthen social cohesion and improve living together in communities as well as to act against division and polarisation

At the ACT NOW Mayors’ Conference in Vienna 2020, more than 70 young people came together to learn and discuss social cohesion and what they can do in their own communities.

our mission

  • Strengthening Democracy: By giving youth a voice and engaging people at a young age, the willingness for engagement increases, showing the true meaning of democracy (e.g. participation and democratic discourses).
  • Foster innovative political problem-solving and new approaches by bringing together young people with decision-makers to share ideas, perspectives and experiences.
  • By supporting young people in actively shaping local circumstances and letting them experience this inclusive and cohesive community, we hope to not only inspire the politics of tomorrow – but also the politicians of tomorrow.

our actions


Members participate in a variety of free training activities to develop and increase competences and learn from each other, experienced trainers and our pool of best practises.

training Activities

The activities are designed to prepare, support and accompany members working towards their goal to initiate local action, engage in a dialogue with decision-makers and advocate for their pressing issues and needs.

Experiencing democracy and participation

The network provides its members with opportunities to be engaged, exchange points of view and be heard. The network organises dialogues at eye level with politicians, experts and civil society representatives. 


Members meet virtually, physically, locally and globally for an exchange with each other, with decision-makers and civil society experts, increasing their international contacts and opportunities. They become part of an international community, get supported and inspired, gain knowledge and make friends.

Hands-on support

Members get support and and assistance for their own initiatives in their communities. Through access to the networks’ expertise and pool of best practises. 

our voices