Exchange Energy for a Better World

By fostering connectivity and ensuring energy security, eFriends empowers individuals to access and participate in green-energy initiatives, particularly photovoltaic projects.


In a world facing pressing concerns regarding fossil resource use, escalating energy expenses, and unpredictable price fluctuations, eFriends offers a transformative solution. At the core of eFriends is the resolve to reframe our energy paradigm. The platform addresses the urgent need to transition from fossil-fuel dependency to renewable energy sources with a groundbreaking peer-to-peer network for transparent real-time energy trading. Connecting nationwide communities, this platform empowers users to actively engage in sustainable energy practices. 


The platform's primary activities revolve around facilitating energy exchange, establishing connections, and providing a foundation for sustainable, community-based energy solutions. Users can actively engage in renewable-energy projects, ensuring stable electricity consumption and fixed prices while working toward self-sufficiency. Through eFriends, energy sharing among families, friends, and neighbours becomes feasible, contributing to a more resilient and interconnected society. Additionally, eFriends facilitates the formation of regional and local energy communities, fostering a shared commitment to sustainable energy practices.


The ultimate outcome of eFriends is a tangible shift towards a more sustainable, renewable energy landscape. It not only offers a solution to escalating energy costs and resource dependence, but also cultivates a sense of collective responsibility enabling individuals to actively contribute to a greener, more secure future. The eFriends project spearheads lasting, global change through a scalable model. This innovative platform, adaptable through a licensable model, paves the way for widespread adoption, offering energy suppliers worldwide the tools to replicate this initiative.

Project owner
Klara Dimmel
Project owner
Bernd Vogl
Managing Director of the Climate and Energy Funds Austria