Edward Strasser

CEO, Founder

Edward Strasser is the CEO and co-founder of the Innovation in Politics Institute.

Edward’s professional career includes positions in politics and public relations. He has been a partner at the Skills Group, a leading Austrian PR firm. Before that, he was a member of the staff of the Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party in Austria. He has initiated several political projects, including a press agency for migrant issues, and was co-founder of respekt.net, an internet-based crowdfunding platform for civil society projects. Before that, he was General Manager of the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (OIAT) and a lecturer at the University of Vienna’s Department of Communication as well as Secretary-General of the Austrian Association of Public Relations Professionals for several years. 

The current focus of his work is Democracy Technologies–how cities, regions and countries can use technologies to improve citizens’ engagement and increase trust in democratic institutions, with participation, online-voting and deliberation.