Speaking truth to power: How to promote a policy proposal

Lisa Lundgren, Petter Rodebjer and Martina Fürrutter
13 October 2021, 6–7.30 pm CEST

In this interactive webinar, two fellows from the International Youth Think Tank will share their experiences from running a policy proposal through the Think Tank’s infrastructure all the way up to a policy brief, including the substantial content of two policy briefs.

Get inspired and learn how to enhance your influence by producing policy briefs that are solidly substantiated in an open dialogue with peers, scholars, and engaged community groups.

The IYTT’s activities centre around annual youth conferences which are launched through open calls in which participants develop and present policy proposals for strengthening an open and democratic society while being brought together with executives from industry, academia, culture, politics, and civil society. Participants publish their proposals in a conference report and, engaged afterwards as Youth Fellows, develop them further into policy briefs through the “IYTT Bottom-Up Policy Advise Loop”. This is an infrastructure for policy proposal development involving open deliberations with decision-makers, scholars, peers in the IYTT European Youth Panel, and local Citizens’ Panels with engaged community groups. 

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