The Innovation in Politics Institute (IPI) expands its range of services in Germany

IPI Berlin responds to growing demand for political strategy consulting 

Josef Lentsch is leaving the Institute

Press Release
31 January 2024, Berlin 

The Innovation in Politics Institute (IPI) is reforming and strengthening its German branch after the departure of one of its managing partners, Josef Lentsch, as of 31 January 2024. The Berlin-based branch of the organisation, which was founded in 2019, has grown through the years in response to the increasing demand for political strategy and advice. 

As a result, IPI’s programs “PartyParty” and “Advisory” will be focused and expanded in their range of services. Germany is a central growth market for advice in the political scene and for associated services such as targeted background information on current political developments, Europe-wide exchange of best practices, and model projects solving current social challenges across party lines. IPI’s Berlin team of 6 employees will bring corresponding offers to the market in the coming weeks and months.

After five years with the Institute, Josef Lentsch decided to devote himself to other entrepreneurial activities. His tasks in the management of the German branch will be carried out by Edward Strasser, who has also been a Managing Director in Germany since 2019.

 “With his ideas and commitment, Josef Lentsch has made a valuable contribution to the development of the company, for which the shareholders are grateful and wish him all the best,” says the Institute’s Managing Director, Edward Strasser. 

About the Innovation in Politics Institute

The Innovation in Politics Institute is an international, non-governmental organisation that identifies, develops and implements innovation in politics to strengthen democracy in Europe and beyond. With an international network of offices and partner organisations in 16 countries and together with political leaders at all levels, the Institute is building tomorrow’s politics today.

Edward Strasser
Managing Director & CEO 

Denica Yotova
Social Media Marketing Manager