5 Reasons to Take Part in the ACT NOW Mayors’ Conference 2022

Every community is different—yet faced with similar challenges on a global scale, we are convinced that the best way forward is to come together and exchange challenges, ideas and best practices. With the current crisis in Ukraine, international solidarity and collaborative spirit are more important than ever. 

The ACT NOW Mayors’ Conference 2022 brings together local leaders to share their experiences and insights, and to learn from experts in the field of local innovation. From 8 to 10 May, mayors and other political professionals from throughout Europe and the MENA region will gather in Stuttgart, Germany, to discuss the biggest issues confronting us today, working together to find bold new solutions. 

Register for the conference here by 8 April. 

Here are five reasons not to miss out: 

1) Take a stand and express your solidarity with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine calls on us all to show solidarity and support for our European neighbours—and local leaders have a central role to play. We invite Ukrainian mayors to share their situation and needs with us. Participating mayors will have the opportunity to express their solidarity and offer concrete assistance to their Ukrainian colleagues. Moreover, as Ukrainian refugees continue to arrive in cities across Europe, we reflect on learnings from previous refugee movements.

2) 3 Days of networking with 150 local leaders

The conference brings under one roof a large group of leaders who are passionate about local innovation. It’s your chance for face-to-face exchanges with like-minded leaders from a wide range of different communities. Be part of an uplifting and positive community who are facing similar challenges and working for the same cause.

3) Panel discussions, workshops, and leadership training on major global challenges

The conference is built around five key themes: the war in Ukraine, economic transformation, climate action, democratic solutions, and social cohesion. Each is addressed in a panel discussion featuring leading voices from the world of local politics. Additionally, interactive workshops and training sessions give you the chance to learn new approaches to these challenges hands-on. 

4) The host city is a major local innovator

This year’s host city Stuttgart is home to a wide range of local innovation, leading the way in the areas of social cohesion and sustainability. A series of field trips give you the chance to witness first-hand the measures the city is implementing to tackle our five key challenges, from sustainable urban development and housing initiatives to refugee support programmes and democratic participation projects. 

5) Fresh perspectives, current trends, best practices and leadership skills to make local innovation happen in your area

At the heart of the conference are the participants. It is often in discussion with like-minded peers that our best ideas take shape. The conference is the perfect place to share your own insights, and to hear from others about the projects they have implemented and the challenges they faced along the way. You’ll benefit from insider advice on the best ways to bring innovative new solutions to your area. 

Now more than ever, it’s vital that we put our values of openness, collaboration and dialogue among communities into practice. We hope you’ll join us. 

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