David leal: “We believe the time has come to reinvent the way politics works in Spain and all across Europe.”

With our growing network of country representatives of our Innovation in Politics Awards, we strive to map new opportunities to recognize and support those political professionals who have the courage to break new ground, are creative and achieve better results – across party lines and across borders – to make democratic politics more successful.

We are glad to announce our representation in Spain, with the support of David Leal.

An economist, PhD researcher in Sociology, system innovation consultant and dialogue facilitator passionate about unleashing collective intelligence to tackle our greatest challenges, David Leal develops and applies networked governance methods which effectively support transformational leadership in administrations, companies and NGOs.

“The Innovation in Politics Awards are an invitation to define together what great politics is all about in the 21st century. As an independent non-partisan European organisation, we believe the time has come to reinvent the way politics works in Spain and all across Europe”, says Leal.

He has applied his expertise in projects associated to municipalities (Madrid, Barcelona), regional governments (Castilla y León) and Erasmus+ projects, among others. He has 12 years of experience helping to catalyze change in the frontlines in fields ranging from refugee inclusion, rural development, entrepreneurship development, Education 4.0, sustainable agriculture to public health promotion. He is a fellow researcher of the Communication Networks & Social Change research group at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, where he looks into improving policy-making processes through the citizen engagement platform www.decidim.org. David has helped to design and execute participatory processes at MedialabPrado, Altekio, SenseTribe, and Platoniq, with six years of experience as a professor in the leadership studies field at Universidad Isabel I. He collaborates as associate Editor of The Smart Citizen portal and is cofounder and president of the Coincidimos Project.

“As the Innovation in Politics Institute’s representative in Spain I am glad to be able to contribute to that conversation by highlighting and recognising excellent political work being done across the whole political spectrum: honest, imaginative, oriented to the common good and to meet real needs and problems”

David Leal

With our Innovation in Politics Awards, we recognise courageous political projects which break new ground and deserve international acknowledgement and replication.

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