Europe-Wide institute for Innovation in Politics launched

The newly founded “Innovation in Politics Institute”, based in Vienna, starts with a Europe-wide award for innovation in politics.

The new annual Innovation in Politics Awards for creative and courageous politicians all over Europe will be chosen by a jury of 1,000 citizens from all over Europe. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Vienna on 6 December.

The Innovation in Politics Awards want to help rebuild trust and offer support to those who combine innovation and best practice. Nominated politicians or political appointees should have introduced or supported projects which made an impact and achieved change for a community, whether on local, regional or national level or pan-European level. 

Nominated projects will be invited to make a formal submission to the Awards. Out of all submissions received, a Jury of 1000 citizens will pick a shortlist of finalists. Winners will be announced at the December ceremony. In addition, all finalists will be invited to join a pan-European network, which will continue to identify and promote new political solutions to improve citizen’s lives.

The Institute, with headquarter in Vienna, has established representatives in eight European countries – in addition to Austria, it operates offices in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain. Its mission is to enable courageous politicians from different countries to share best practice, to network and to build bridges.