Best Practice in Politics

We curate exemplary political work that successfully tackles today’s most pressing issues, from education to economy, from ecology to human rights, from democracy to Covid-19 strategies.

This platform is a hub of tried and tested best practices in politics. We invite you to use it for research, analysis and scaling – for a Europe-wide exchange and the co-creative development of innovative politics for today and tomorrow.


The Mosquito Hunters

Experts and volunteer-residents combine forces to collect data in an environmentally-friendly fight against mosquitos.

The Social Supermarket

The first Social Supermarket in Poland provides high-quality goods at low prices, supporting the most socially and financially vulnerable residents and reducing food waste.

The Wild Child’s Sanctuary

An outdoor adventure playground gives children the opportunity to explore nature with their peers, under the supervision of specially-trained play workers.

Towarower (Freightliner)

Big business subsidises the cost of cargo e-bikes so that entrepreneurs can take advantage of the multiple benefits of delivering goods using this sustainable form of transport.


An interdisciplinary team of students and young graduates are given the challenge of building a solar-powered car.


A series of events, projects and courses promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, particularly among girls and young women, inspiring the next generation of change-markers.

Teenagers in Local Government

All secondary school students in Warsaw are invited to participate in workshops that give them a basic knowledge of the functioning of their city, enabling them to use the instruments available to have an impact on its development.

Summer of Pioneers, Wittenberge

A small but well-connected town attracts young, digital workers to the area by providing them with discounted accommodation and a co-working space for a limited period of time.


TeachMillions is an initiative that was established in the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns in order to support teachers and learners in need of distance-learning tools.

The Winners
of the Innovation in Politics Awards 2020

Super Circular Estate

Outdated high-rise buildings are deconstructed and the recovered materials reused to build sustainable, modern social housing units, with low carbon footprints.


People without a fixed address can use a ProxyAddress through a period of instability to receive assistance and access to needed services and get their lives back on track.