Lithuania’s Testbed Programme for EdTech Startups

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The Testbed Programme is a practical way for schools and creators to test the latest educational technologies in a real learning environment.


What technologies do schools, teachers, and students need most? How can we help educational technology developers reach schools with their latest ideas and solutions? How can we help our local EdTech startups to make best quality products for teachers and students? What can be done to ensure that schools can choose the latest solutions without fear of making mistakes? This initiative allows for the practical implementation of innovative educational technologies in real-world settings, which is the best approach in the field.


This programme changes the cultural mindset – the tech industry not only sells products, but also helps schools improve ICT skills and shows them how to use new technology so schools are no longer afraid of testing new technology. It provides a hands-on experience for both schools and solution-providers, allowing them to test and refine these technologies based on direct feedback and experience. This initiative addresses key issues, such as improving ICT knowledge and skills in schools and helping schools to adopt the latest EdTech solutions.


The project is based on the holistic view that technology in itself does nothing. It is important that users understand its benefits and the value it creates, so that technology helps to solve problems and challenges. Products are being improved through feedback from schools, and some schools go on to buy products. More than 10,000 students and over 250 schools have already tested nearly 40 EdTech solutions. Tested tools are selected by schools for further use through licensing or technology acquisition. This makes it easier and more convenient for solution-developers to reach schools, teachers, and students.

Project owner
Gintautas Jakštas
Minister of Education, Science and Sport of Lithuania
Project staff
Indre Šuolienė
Head of the EdTech Centre at the National Agency for Education
Project team
Justina Kugytė
Project management team leader