This digital platform completely digitises the building-permit process, combining high-tech methods of AI, AR, and 3D building modelling to make the process faster, more efficient, and more transparent, cutting the time it takes to obtain a building permit by up to half.


The City of Vienna processes around 13,000 building project applications each year, which can take up to a year for approval due to paper submissions and the increasing complexity of projects. BRISE Vienna aims to solve this problem by completely digitising the building-permit process from planning to on-site construction site checks and approval of completed buildings, making the process faster, more efficient, and more transparent. This ground-breaking digitisation process combines high-tech methods of AI, AR, and 3D building modelling with digitised processes to set new standards in sustainability, future viability, and proximity to citizens, making Vienna the leading European pioneer of modern administration.


BRISE involves a sensible, end-to-end digital approval process that cuts the time it takes city councils to obtain a building permit by up to half. By combining BIM, AI, and AR with a digitised process flow, BRISE saves time, reduces project risks, optimises scheduling and expense estimation, supports administrative employees, and increases transparency for everyone involved. BIM enables the automated checking of submissions based on 3D models, while AI enables automated checks of legal framework conditions and documents, and AR enables citizens to view 3D models of future buildings virtually.


BRISE is an efficient, user-friendly e-government project that eliminates the need for physical channels in the official building-submission process. Project partners can work together regardless of their whereabouts, and the shorter lead-time of the building-permit processes enables planning security and faster implementation of construction projects. BRISE is built on the perspectives of users to ensure that the system is useful and has real value, not just for families who move into their new homes sooner but also for those who design and construct that home.

Project team
Lukas Piza
Office Manager
Project owner
Thomas Mayer
Head of Services Management Systems and ICT of the City of Vienna