La Compañía (The Company)

The Company is a network of senior volunteers who provide digital mediation for individuals over 65 years of age.


The Company aims to promote digital skills for those over 65 years of age by providing them with tools to empower themselves and navigate today's digital society. The driving force behind The Company is our Digital Mediation Team, consisting of senior volunteers who will assist other seniors in developing new digital skills to promote digital independence and combat unwanted loneliness. This initiative transcends merely addressing the digital generation gap among senior citizens, by placing a profound emphasis on fostering empowerment among the elderly through peer-led education. 


The main pillars of the project are: promoting civic participation among seniors in our community (78,000 older people live alone locally); creating a safe space for sharing learning, experiences, and opinions about active and connected ageing; embracing digital volunteering as a collaborative system; and, sharing training and information to adapt technology usage to the needs and abilities of our seniors in a simple and approachable manner. In this way, The Company effectively tackles the pervasive problem of isolation among seniors in our region, greatly improving their overall well-being and life satisfaction.


Since its inception in 2022, the programme has conducted over fifty workshops, benefiting more than 250 individuals. However, the most significant achievement lies in training thirty senior digital mediators. These mediators not only acquired digital skills but also became mentors, who will keep disseminating knowledge in an equitable and collaborative manner within their community. This horizontal approach and the use of a shared language have strengthened connections, promoting sustainable learning and greater inclusion in the digital age.

Project owner
Ángel Sanz Barea
Managing Director of Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos
Project owner
Miguel Ángel Lafuente Belmonte
eneral Director of Institutional Relations, Foreign Action and Transparency of the Government of Aragon
Project team
Kani Kubo Mayo
Advisor to the General Directorate of Institutional Relations, Foreign Action and Transparency of the Government of Aragon
Project owner
Cynthia Nale
Project Manager
Project owner
Nieves Campillo Andrés
attached to the AST Directorate