Escuela de Pequeñ@s Científic@s Espiciencia (School of Little Scientists)

Espiciencia is an educational innovation project that aims to create a STEAM learning community in rural areas, promoting scientific and technological literacy within the entire community and empowering girls and women to enter science and technology professions.


Espiciencia is an educational innovation project that addresses the disparity in scientific and technological approach between rural and urban areas. The project aims to create a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning community in rural areas and serves students from the entire Merindades region from the age of three onwards. Overall, the project addresses the lack of access to STEAM education in rural areas, which can lead to significant disadvantages for students in terms of employment opportunities and overall scientific literacy.


The project involves pupils and their families in projects with integrated STEAM methodology, promoting the scientific-technological literacy of the entire community. The project promotes inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, and disseminates its activities internationally. The project uses integrated STEM methodology, project-based learning, and scientific inquiry, involving the entire community in the learning process. The interdisciplinary team of teachers integrates the use of new technologies into educational activities, such as robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, lasers, and virtual and augmented reality.


Espiciencia has achieved regional, national, and international recognition, and its methodology has become a benchmark in non-formal STEAM education. The project improves the scientific capital of all who attend the school and, therefore, of the entire region, and promotes STEAM professions in rural areas, particularly empowering girls and women to enter science and technology professions. The participation of families and the entire community in the project promotes value for science and technology that is lasting, benefiting both young students and the wider community.

Project owner
Bárbara de Aymerich Vadillo
Project team
José Ramón Oyanguren López
Teacher/ Innovation in New Technologies City Councilor