LE TELE DI ARACNE, Sewing Academy

A new sewing academy is launched in a building confiscated from the Mafia, with the aim of giving new skills to young people from marginalised groups.


This project involves the recovery and restitution of a property confiscated from the Mafia, which is then used as the site for a centre to combat antisocial behaviour among young people. The property will include a sewing academy equipped with 10 workstations; an exhibition area; and an office with instructors and specialised personnel. The aim of the project is to promote social inclusion through training, art and employment.


The project will run in four phases:

1) planning the restoration;

2) restructuring the building;

3) refurbishing and installing new equipment, and

4) direction, coordination and monitoring.

The sewing academy will become a training centre where emerging designers can express themselves. There are three planned spaces:

1) the Style Office, where projects are designed;

2) the Sartory, where the designs are brought to life; and

3) the Showroom, where the pieces are sold.


This is the first time that a property confiscated from the Mafia has become a public institution which acts as a driving force behind the circular economy. This project targets vulnerable young people from marginalised communities who face problems with social exclusion. The project provides them with an opportunity to train, giving them the chance to create an environment where everyone can use their skills to achieve success.

Project owner
Francesco Italia
Mayor, Siracusa
Project staff
Michelangelo Giansiracusa
Chief of Staff, Siracusa
Project team
Concetta Carbone
Project Designer