A series of events, projects and courses promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, particularly among girls and young women, inspiring the next generation of change-markers.


STEMintheCity is an educational initiative launched in 2017 with a very specific goal: holding events, projects and courses on STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Organised by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with external partners, the project aims to promote gender equity and empower girls to take up STEM careers. It is important that we start to educate new generations at a young age, teaching them how to fight stereotypes and reach the level of inclusion necessary to foster innovation in our cities.


For one month every year, young citizens can freely participate to coding courses, role-modelling sessions and inspirational keynote speeches. This one-of-a-kind citizen educational programme attracted more than 14,000 participants during the last in-person edition in 2019. In 2020, all events moved onto a dedicated online platform which reached an audience of more than 56,200 participants. The many activities organised by STEMintheCity contribute to empowering and training young girls in STEM careers, helping them to shape their future while addressing this fundamental social issue.


The City of Milan is committed to empowering citizens to be agents of change at the individual and community level. Education is the driver of our society and digital education is necessary to unleash innovation. The success of the initiative is due to the digital inclusion policy promoted by the Municipality of Milan, partners' contributions, the engagement of Milan's primary and secondary schools and universities, the young people who attend the events and all the inspirational women who take their place on the STEMintheCity stage and deliver powerful speeches.

Project owner
Roberta Cocco
Deputy Mayor of Digital Transformation and Services to Citizens
Project team
Chiara Daneo
Chief of Staff of Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation and Services to Citizens