Madrid Innovation Lab

Madrid City Council launching the Madrid Innovation Lab to bring knowledge of new technologies to citizens and small companies and create a robust ecosystem around them.


More and more companies are using artificial intelligence and the volume of business generated by this sector is increasing, which will affect the business fabric, the GDP of territories, and the creation of quality jobs. Madrid Innovation Lab (MIL) works with open innovation methodologies to bring together the different parts of the ecosystem. It is creating a network of multi-sector collaborators that contribute to the value chain, sustainability, and evolution of the MIL. 


Key activities carried out at the MIL include the facilitation of informative events, training in AI and new technologies, round tables, hackathons, summer camps, pilot projects, and awards for the best AI and Deep Tech solutions. Already, 65 companies and entities are part of this network. MIL interacts with the community around it, involving the elderly, children, and young people through personalised programmes to promote digital literacy, arouse interest through AI games, and organising summer camps for young people, aimed at disseminating expert technological knowledge.


Since its opening in 2022, 381 activities have taken place, attended by a total of 9,077 people. The results obtained by the MIL project include the growth of the Deep Tech ecosystem in Madrid, improved contact and collaboration between companies, SMEs, startups, universities and corporations, the development of AI-based projects thanks to the awards for pilot projects, the organisation of demonstration days, and an increase in public-private collaborations. 

Project owner
Ángel Niño
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Delegate Councilman, Project Promoter