TechUcation@school is a free, digital-training programme which support teachers to recognise the opportunities of digitalisation, for themselves and their students.


This programme was developed in cooperation between the Hamburg Education Authority, the Hamburg State Institute for Teacher Training, and the Otto Group. In small learning units, facts and background information on digitalisation are presented in an easily-understandable way and made available as a low-threshold training offer. This further education offer for teachers sees a pragmatic collaboration between business and school authorities to take responsibility for the future of our society and to contribute to the digital education of teachers, and thus also to the education of all pupils. 


A permanent team of full-time and part-time employees regularly adds up-to-date content to the learning opportunities for teachers. TechUcation@school is therefore not a one-off learning offer, but rather a project that supports the basic idea of "lifelong learning". Teachers are not only inspired by the short learning units on digitalisation topics, but are also encouraged to think fundamentally about the changes in society and the very concrete effects on themselves and their environment. Discussing these aspects with pupils thus actively contributes to the necessary "digitalisation push" in our schools.


Hamburg is becoming a pioneer in the field of digital training for teachers with the use of this digital-learning programme. The initiative is a success story in the field of digital teacher-training, which will be developed in a close cooperation between business and politics, to meet needs and requirements before being rolled out across the city. The cooperation between business and the education authorities with regard to the coordinated digital content of the programme is unique and very fruitful for both sides. In addition, the educational videos are accessible to the general public free-of-charge (e.g. via YouTube).

Project team
Bjarne Dankwardt
Managing Director
Project team
Andreas Giese
Head of the Department of Teaching Development