Innovative School Wutöschingen

An evidence-based approach leads this school to stop using fixed classrooms and hours for its pupils while providing the latest technology and adapting to individual needs.


In 2012, the Municipality of Wutöschingen built one of the most innovative schools in Europe. This small municipality with 6,900 inhabitants, located in south-western Germany, breaks new ground by managing a secondary-level school (grades 5 to 13) that continuously adapts to the latest research on how children learn.


Based on the latest education research, the school offers highly individualised learning content and gives students the freedom to arrange their own schedule. The concept is centred around contemplation, input, and consolidation, allowing every child to learn at their own pace. There are no more physical classrooms, instead, students have their personalised spaces and can choose different locations for different learning activities in one of the three school buildings. Older students can access the various school buildings 365 days of the year, and the municipality even opens up the City Hall and other public buildings for students whenever they are not in use. In this way, pupils become more connected to their community, increasing the sense of social cohesion. The municipality equipped all students and teachers with tablets and a digital learning platform allowing communication and learning at any time and according to the child’s needs. This meant the students, parents, and teachers were well prepared for homeschooling during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020.


The open and welcoming design of the school creates a positive environment that proves that learning is fun. Currently, new buildings are under construction to provide further opportunities for studies. By making these extra investments the Municipality of Wutöschingen creates an enormous value for the entire community, that will benefit the region over the next generations. At the same time, Wutöschingen sets an example to the world that even a small municipality can be on the forefront of innovation, inspiring others to follow their lead.

Project owner
Georg Eble
Mayor, Municipality of Wutöschingen