Take the Lead on Inclusive Policy with Citizens’ Assemblies

It’s no secret that democracy and those in political work are under significant strain at the moment. We are always in crisis, always dealing with what’s happening right now, and have precious little time to look to the horizon.

But democracy doesn’t survive if it only thinks in survival mode.

At the Innovation in Politics Institute, our objective continues to be to improve democracy by enabling best practice exchange and support political professionals who have the courage to break new ground.

This month, with the release of our second monthly Briefing ‘Citizens’ Assemblies for Inclusive Policy’ we bring you Dimitri Lemaire and Louise Humblet, Co-founder and Director of Operations for Particitiz in Brussels. In less than 90 minutes, they’ll walk you through how to plan and implement a successful Citizens’ Assembly with proven methodologies, such as those used in the Brussels Citizens’ Jury on AI.

You’ll not only understand the dos, don’ts and key steps of Citizens’ Assemblies. You’ll also start actively planning your own, with worksheets and other resources to help you identify topics and objectives, find the political will, implement selection and facilitation processes and follow up on your hard work.

Last month, in our first Briefing ‘AI for Productivity in Political Work’, Tim Gordon, Co-Founder of Best Practice AI and Former CEO of the UK Liberal Democratic Party, provided a practical guide to using AI tools to improve both individual and organisational productivity in political work. 

And in the coming months, we’ll bring you even more innovative opportunities for political leadership, on subjects such as leveraging data for citizen science, addressing polarisation, improving political participation and using the latest tech for political campaigns.

We know that time is often one of the biggest obstacles to innovation. But we also know that once something has momentum, it’s much easier to keep moving.

That’s why with our ‘Briefings’, we’ve taken a fresh approach – partnering with leading experts across the full width and breadth of political innovation to deliver not only expert knowledge and best practice, but the tools and resources necessary to start planning and implementing as you watch and listen, all crunched down into a package that busy leaders, advisors and political professionals can fit into their day.

So if, like us, you believe that innovation in politics is more important than ever, check out our Briefings – and stay tuned for more.

Author: Daniel Mackisack