A multi-stakeholder Circular Economy

Cynthia Reynolds - Founder & Systems Architect, Circular Regions, Norway
04 June 2021, 9.15 am (CEST)

Supporting Environmental Quality, Economic Prosperity and Social Equity

New approaches in how we use and share our resources and how we find solutions that function within the planetary boundaries require innovation. Increasingly, government, industry, civil society, and science recognise the need to work together to tackle the challenges of the modern world and bring about change for the common good. Tune in to learn how Circular Regions supports the digital infrastructure and methodologies to accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy for both urban and rural communities.

About Cynthia Reynolds

RSA Fellow, lifelong learner, mentor and serial entrepreneur passionate about how the combination of technology, innovative business models and the use of global networks and resources can create social, economic and environmental impact. Combining her broad background in technology and focus on sustainability, she has a proven record of converting ideas into action for positive societal change.