Webinar Series: Leading ideas for local innovation


Local solutions are often the most effective way to tackle the world’s challenges. For this webinar series we invite you to join international thought leaders to discuss creative and relevant forward-looking topics.

Doughnut Economics for a Thriving Local Economy

About Kate Raworth Kate Raworth is an economist focused on making economics fit for the 21st century. Her book Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist is an international bestseller that […]

Kate Raworth
02 July 2021

Livable Cities for the 21st Century

Around 1960 the paradigms for city planning were radically changed. Modernism became dominant and the invasion of motorcars took off. In this process the care for the people using cities – looked after for centuries […]

Jan Gehl
5 March 2021

Co-creating the Future

Tips, Tricks and Secrets of Participatory Urban Development

Jeanette Westergaard Frisk
6 November 2020