Managing the new normal

José Manuel Ribeiro - Mayor of Valongo, Portugal
8 May 2020, 9.00 am (CET)

Learning from the present and preparing for the future

After the first turbulent stage, we face a “new normal” to keep the virus under control. In our 3rd NOW Mayors Webinar we discussed what scenarios and challenges can be expected in the coming 3 months and what municipalities are currently preparing to tackle them. Our learnings from the crisis will eventually result in taking the next steps.

Visual recording: Managing the new normal, 8 May 2020 | Harald Karrer

José Manuel Ribeiro, Mayor of Valongo shared several key messages which can help municipalities to think one step ahead.

  • Meet every day with all people involved (doctors, politicians from all parties, administration, civil society organisations and associations) to guarantee transparent and honest communication.  
  • Newly established communication networks or special crisis teams in the municipality should be maintained to develop resilience in the future. 
  • We should not underestimate the mental challenges of the lockdown. Psychological support and continually speaking to those frightened or frustrated is imperative.
  • Even if it takes a lot of effort, the investment in the digitalisation of the municipality and the enforcement of digital literacy of all citizens will eventually pay off.
  • You have to have the courage to take decisions even if facts are incomplete.