Webinar Series: Leading a Municipality in Times of Crisis

As a response to current crises like the Corona pandemic and its impact on the political, social and economic life in our communities, this webinar series provided mayors with crucial learnings to successfully lead a municipality. They create a space for dialogue to transfer knowledge, learnings and experiences and to rethink and redesign all aspects of social cohesion.

How to tackle racism in your community?

The racist murder of George Floyd and the protests across the globe demonstrate the urgency of fighting systemic racism. Municipalities and mayors bear the responsibility of caring for the wellbeing of the people living in […]

Benedetto Zacchiroli
10 July 2020

How can municipalities support their local economy?

The Corona pandemic is not only challenging our social life and especially the healthcare system, it is also a threat to local economies. Shops, restaurants and cafés are closed, tourists stay home, events are being […]

Josef Lentsch
17 April 2020