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Thank you for being part of the jury. Do you know someone who might be interested in joining the jury, as well? Then bring them along! We will show our gratitude for your referral(s) by inviting you to our upcoming webinar series with political innovators from across Europe.

The jury process starts on 20 August, so there is plenty of time. Thank you for your contribution!

You can invite people to the jury by sending them the following link:

Or you can send them an email directly from here by just adding the recipients into the following text box and clicking “Send invitations”:

    From: via The Innovation In Politics Institute

    Subject: Join me as a jury member for The Innovation in Politics Awards!

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    I would like to tell you about The Innovation in Politics Awards. Since 2017, they celebrate the most innovative political projects in Europe. Every year, the finalists and winners are selected by a jury of 1,000 Europeans. So far, they have identified 33 winners and 330 finalists from all levels of politics and from across the democratic party spectrum. To get a more detailed idea, you can browse former finalists and winners here.

    As jurors, we get to learn about state-of-the-art political innovations across Europe and decide which projects will be awarded and presented on an international stage.

    Jurors who evaluate all of their projects will enter a raffle for the next Awards live events.

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