Awards 2020


The Innovation in Politics Awards honour the most courageous and creative political projects in Europe, based on our core European values: democracy, human rights and social balance. Since 2017, a total of more than 4,000 European citizens have selected 289 finalists and 33 winners out of 1,500 submitted projects from all over Europe.

In December 2020, The Innovation in Politics Awards were presented for the fourth time. 389 outstanding projects from 22 countries were submitted. Our jury of over 1,000 European citizens selected 90 finalists and nine winners in the categories Community, Ecology, Economy, Education, Democracy, and the new category Coping with Covid-19.

This year’s projects prove that politicians faced the crisis head-on and we feel privileged and proud to make them visible. Find out more about how we celebrated the 2020 Awards without an actual celebration in our blog.

Outdated high-rise buildings are deconstructed and the recovered materials reused to build sustainable, modern social housing units, with low carbon footprints.

The initiative supplies school children with organic food and educates them about organic farming, changing the lifestyle of many families in the region.

A city administration offers all businesses legal, marketing, and business-counselling support for free, to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

A modern data collection system encourages waste separation and incentivises recycling by reducing waste-collection fees.

Public transport operational areas become dual-use intelligent distribution hubs, to help reduce delivery vehicle traffic and promote sustainability goals in the city.

Bratislava sets up a fully-furnished quarantine town with medical and psychological care, for people without homes during lockdown.

People without a fixed address can use a ProxyAddress through a period of instability to receive assistance and access to needed services and get their lives back on track.

An innovative partnership between public services, healthcare, and the voluntary sector, brings a more holistic, long-term approach to health and well-being – social prescribing – to reduce social isolation, strengthen community ties, and help people access support.

A digital tool monitors the funds allocated from the national budget for local repairs, across all of Ukraine.

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