This is an award presented by the people of europe, and by the people alone.

If you are a European citizen and want to nominate an innovative political project in Europe, you can do this here.

If you are a European politician (or representing one) and want to submit a project to the awards, you can do this here.

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The Innovation in Politics Awards are represented in eight categories:



Arts, Education, Science and European Society

We honour political work that contributes to a thriving European civilisation and stimulates progress in the arts, education and science.



Participation, Transparency, Self-Determination

We honour political work that increases participation of citizens – in opinion forming and in decision making.



Women’s Affairs, Equality, Minority Rights

We honour political work that promotes coexistence, in spite of our conflicting personal political views. We are looking for political leaders who take a stand for equality regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other orientation, nation or social origins, wealth, birth or other factors.



Empowerment, Civic involvement

We honour local and regional political work that enhances mutual respect, cooperation and peaceful coexistence.



Environmental protection, Energy

We honour political work that takes a responsible approach to reconciling our need for energy, mobility, housing and food with the needs of our environment – as our well-being depends on it.



Business environment, Technology, Finance

We honour innovative political work that supports a functioning business environment in Europe and secures our prosperity, our independence and our European self-determination. We want flourishing and competitive businesses, and a Europe open for new opportunities, which attracts the best minds in technology and management.



Labour market

We honour innovative political work that supports equal job opportunities, coupled with the fair distribution of income, which are both essential for a balanced society. We want political work that creates jobs and material security for all age groups.



Health care, Social security, Housing, Mobility

We honour political work that opens up easy access to modern health services and provides us with a safe and secure living environment – because we all want to live healthy and safe lives.

Formal Criteria

Please bear in mind that there are some formal criteria for a project to meet, to be accepted at all:

  • EUROPE: Projects are accepted only from member countries of the Council of Europe (CoE).
  • POLITICIANS INVOLVED: A politician or a group of politicians must have played a key role in making the project possible. This includes elected and appointed representatives at all levels of government in all CoE member countries who were active at the time the project started.
  • TAXPAYER’S MONEY: The project must have been financed, at least partially, with public funds (money or other resources)
  • IMPACT: Each project must have had a tangible and material impact on the lives of citizens. Communication campaigns, events, scientific studies and analyses, as well as projects at the planning stage, are not admissible.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Projects that diminish the values expressed in the universal declaration of human rights in any way will be excluded.