We want politics in Europe to improve

Our mission is to recognise and support those politicians in Europe who have the courage to break new ground, are creative and achieve results – regardless of party affiliation and regional level. We bring their innovative work to the fore, showcasing it as an example of best practice for others.

We do this because we want European politics to improve. We can see that decades-old, tried-and-tested political instruments are increasingly falling short of citizens’ expectations. Our quality of life lives and dies by politics. And so do our European values – human rights, social balance and democracy.

These values are currently under threat − from nationalists on the inside who want to divide us into small, weak countries, and from global changes on the outside. If we find ourselves staring an uncertain future in the face, we cannot survive with leaders who flinch at even the slightest hint of danger.

Against this backdrop, we are forming a growing network of credible and reputable politicians working for a stronger Europe.