Led By HER

(FINALIST 2017) Female entrepreneurship: fighting gender discrimination through empowerment.

Led By HER wishes to create a world where equality would be a reality and not a struggle. Discrimination and gender violence would not exist, and diversity in business and entrepreneurship would be a fact. Led By HER aims to create a world with more women entrepreneurs, more diversity and less discrimination, improving access to entrepreneurship and addressing the effects of violence against women. Through the mobilisation of government and public institutions, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, business schools and companies, every year we offer 30 women the opportunity to rebuild their lives through entrepreneurial projects. We believe in female entrepreneurship as a source of ideas, creativity and wealth for the world.

That is why we want to develop tools and resources that will enable more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Led By HER is also commit- ted to conveying a wider message in favour of women’s entrepreneurship and women’s rights through new collaborations and events as well as involvement in innovation and digital technology.




Isabelle Jégouzo

Head of the EU Commission representation in France