Physical, Mental, and Social Support for Women who have been Victims of Violence

A multidisciplinary support centre provides comprehensive care for female victims of violence, backed by technical innovation, carers, lawyers, and psychologists.

a multidisciplinary care protocol

Based on a technical innovation (the development, in 1986, of a method to heal genital mutilation), the Institut en Santé génésique (ISG, Institute of Reproductive Health) in Île-de-France, created a multidisciplinary care protocol. The ISG takes care of female victims of violence: it ensures the detection and prevention of violence, and provides help for women who are victims of psychological, verbal, physical, sexual, economic, and ritual violence, wherever it takes place.

free treatment for all women

The welcoming conditions guarantee confidentiality, equal access, and treatment for all women, minors or adults, free of charge. The project brings together medicine and justice, in one place: nurses, doctors, psychologists, legal experts, and lawyers work together. This multidisciplinary organisation takes care of the victims, from welcoming them to resolving the situation.


The ISG offers training courses for health professionals and members of civil society who are confronted with violence against women. It also provides statistics about such violence for the public authorities.

Project owner
Pierre Foldès
Co-Founder and President
Project owner
Frédérique Martz
Co-Founder and CEO
Project owner
Farida Adlani
Deputy Mayor of Villepinte