Building Hope: Lenartov’s Journey to Inclusive Living

© Mayor's Office of Lenartov village, Slovakia

This transformative housing project in Lenartov shifts marginalised Roma families from poverty to self-sufficiency, sparking a profound cultural shift.


In Lenartov, a pressing challenge lies within its marginalised community. Of the 1,200 residents, 800 belong to the Roma community, many living in shacks without basic amenities like water and electricity. This project addresses the growing demographic curve of Roma citizens living in substandard conditions, aiming to revolutionise their living standards and integrate them into the broader community fabric.


The project's core involves a phased housing transition. It begins with transitioning families from shacks to modular units, then to training apartments, teaching them to manage finances and maintain their homes. Successful families eventually move to low-cost houses, a significant leap from their initial living conditions. This pathway is accompanied by financial literacy education, skill-building, and employment support, fundamentally transforming their living culture.


This initiative significantly elevates the standard of living for these communities, moving them from illegal shanties to homes with 21st-century amenities. It's not just about housing; it's about creating opportunities for education and employment, gaining skills previously inaccessible, and enabling families to actively participate at the transition of their lives. This holistic approach effectively bridges economic and social disparities, offering a transformed life for current and future generations.

Project owner
Jana Bľandová
Mayor of Lenartov Village