Understanding – the Key to Political Participation

The capito.digital app is an AI writing assistant which automatically translates highly complex language into three easy-to-understand language levels.


More than 50% of the population does not understand information coming from quality media, authorities, or political parties. The vast majority of political information is at complexity levels that they simply cannot understand. If those in positions of responsibility in politics continue to leave information for the broad majority of citizens to populists, social media, or other obscure sources, they are partly responsible for political decisions made on poor information. However, providing citizens with good quality and easy-to-understand information has so far mostly failed due to the high cost of producing it and the lack of suitable communication channels. 


Digital innovations from capito offer solutions to both problems: the capito app offers the opportunity to deliver texts simultaneously at different language levels. A QR-Code besides the original text (e.g. newspaper article) allows recipients to individually decide at which language level they want to read the information on their device. The capito App provides an information base for meaningful political decisions, thus enabling marginalised groups to participate in politics to strengthen social cohesion.


In a partnership with the Austrian Parliamentary Directorate, important information is prepared in an understandable way for citizens. In addition, an easy-to-understand, daily news service is provided in cooperation with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and the national news agency. Comprehensible information alone does not solve problems. Conversely, society won't succeed in solving the major problems of our time, such as the climate crisis, if the general public simply does not understand why and how they can be part of the solution.

Project owner
Walburga Fröhlich
CEO, Co-founder
Project owner
Klaus Candussi
Project owner
Mag.Dr. Gerhard Brenner
Austrian Parliament Directorate - Head of Press service & cross-media editorial office