Life Mentorship Programme

The Life Mentorship Programme sees socially excluded people paired with mentors for a year, to help them reintegrate into normal life.


From August 2021 until August 2022, Pakruojis City's Local Activity Group implemented a Life Mentorship project for socially excluded people. It was initiated following a survey of residents of Pakruojis, which showed that after various life setbacks and the Covid-19 pandemic, it's difficult for socially excluded people to get back to a normal life. The programme utilises the most important innovation of all - human resources - to connect people who can help each other. 


The project identified five people in need (released from prison, alcohol/drug users, a single mother of several children) who were paired up with five mentors who were committed to helping them. The mentors helped participants regain normalcy on a daily basis in different ways, and taught them how to go shopping, make medical appointments, manage finances, find a job, discover their favourite activities, and participated in events. The project was supervised by a psychologist and a coordinator. 


One year later, the results were astonishing: the participants, who had been socially excluded, returned to a normal life, found jobs, began skills training, and started renting or bought their own homes. It was observed that the long-term mentoring programme minimised relapse into old habits, gave them confidence and a sense of purpose, and improved their psychological well-being. This project was awarded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior as an exceptional project in the whole country.

Project owner
Simona Lipskytė
The Vicemayor of Pakruojis district municipality
Project owner
Vaida Šeižė
Head of the Project
Project team
Eglė Juozauskienė
Participant of the project Life Mentorship Programme