Condominium E-Voting – Successful E-Democracy

Condominium E-Voting allows residents to communicate their housing issues in a quick, easy, and safe manner, enhancing their engagement in the decision-making process and improving the efficiency of services.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of communication between citizens and their municipality, because this is how the needs of people can be heard. However, this kind of communication has been a challenge over the past two years. During wartime, the rights of the residents cannot always be fully exercised but it's important to provide the opportunity for citizens to vote, using the Kyiv Digital app, and convey their needs directly to the authorities in order to change Kyiv for the better.


Using the success story of implementing e-democracy tools in the city-wide app, the functionality was deepened and adapted to the local context, down to each household. Gathering a lot of people at the same place and at the same time has become not only dangerous, but also uncomfortable. Launching the Condominium E-Voting tool allowed condominium members to make decisions about the management of their house on their own. Urgent issues are resolved and the city learns about citizens' concerns and the main problems of housing, helping them to understand what services should be implemented next.


Communities are more able to engage with the decision-making process, as voting has been made easier and more inclusive – each community makes decentralised decisions, shapes its own future, and is more involved in modifying city life. For city authorities, this tool allows them to respond in a targeted manner, providing each community with the services they need, and see in advance what services need to be created in order to further meet the needs of citizens. It is about transparency and openness between the community and municipality.

Project owner
Petro Olenych
CDTO of Kyiv City and Deputy Mayor on digitalization
Project team
Kateryna Mohylnytska
CCO at Kyiv Digital