e-Justice Portal for Inmates

This digital platform is unique, not only in Estonia but across the world, as it enables paperless court proceedings for inmates serving sentences in detention facilities.


The application is secure and its structure enables regulated information exchange between detainees and the court. The app allows a biometrically authenticated inmate to submit applications, requests, complaints, and objections to the court digitally. The detainee, on the other hand, can get acquainted with the application documents and recordings disclosed by the court, including both audio and video content, without downloading them. 


Inmates can also pay their financial obligations directly through I-Money – Inmates' Debit Account. Financial obligations include state fees and guarantees for court actions, sums awarded in favour of the state, property and financial penalties, and fines. It is also possible for the inmate to make inquiries about their criminal record, the answer to which can be received instantly. The e-Justice Portal for Inmates is available throughout Estonia in all prisons. 


Information exchange based on paper documents is unreasonably resource intensive for all parties – inmates, related authorities, and the judicial system. With this project, it is possible to ensure detention facilities provide paperless court proceedings to prisoners serving sentences. The digital proceeding speeds up the process and keeps costs down. For example, documents no longer need to be delivered by couriers to prisons and people don't need to be driven to attend court proceedings.

Project owner
Priit Post
IT manager, The Department of Prisons, Ministry of Justice
Project team
Liis Toom
Chief specialist, The field of IT and data management, Tartu Prison
Project team
Jaanus Kirmet
Team lead, Prison Information Systems Team, Centre of Registers and Information Systems
Project team
Indrek Tops
Team lead, e-File Team, Centre of Registers and Information Systems