Košice 2.0 – Unleashing the Future of Urban Living

© The City of Košice

Košice 2.0 tangibly improves city life by smartly integrating data, setting new standards in urban progress and showcasing the synergy of technology and community in the digital age. 


In an era dominated by the transformative power of data there exists a need for a data-driven, participatory approach to urban development. Košice 2.0 represents a transformative journey towards a smart, responsive city, deeply rooted in the power of data. The project aims to foster a more data-informed and participatory urban environment, where technological innovation and artistic expression converge to enhance the quality of life and decision-making processes for all its residents.


This project revolutionises state administration by adopting business methodologies, like design thinking, significantly accelerating the development of solutions. In order for digital transition to be truly impactful and effective, it requires solid basis. At its core is the CX Institute, a leader in data collection and analysis, working in tandem with local universities to nurture a new generation of data-savvy professionals. The project's uniqueness shines through its artistic installations throughout the city, serving as innovative data collectors that monitor variables like air quality. 


This approach has streamlined the city's problem-solving process, enabling rapid brainstorming and prototyping within three days. These strategies are transforming Košice into a city that is more responsive, innovative, and interconnected, redefining urban living for the modern world. This wealth of data is not confined to the city administration, but rather fuels an era of openness through a public data portal. This portal empowers citizens and entrepreneurs alike, offering free access to data that can enhance businesses and community initiatives, further enriching urban life. Košice 2.0 aims to revolutionise the city administration as we know it by creating the infrastructure for data-driven policy making

Project owner
Marcel Gibóda
Vice Mayor of the City of Košice
Project team
Michal Hladký
Director - Creative Industry Košice
Project team
Ivana Hanušovská
Deputy Director of Creative Industry Košice
Project team
Mirka Vargová
Senior Project Manager at Creative Industry Košice
Project team
Martin Dani
Director of K13 - Košické kultúrne centrá
Project team
Mišo Hudák
Founder and Director of Východné pobrežie
Project team
Oto Hudec
Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Košice – Full Professor
Project owner
Juraj Koban
Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice – Associate Professor
Project team
Miriama Hučková
Executive Director of IT Valley Košice
Project owner
Peter Kolesár
Project team
Peter Blaas
Director of Business and Development of Antik Telecom
Project team
Ľubomír Hatina
Solution consultant/VMware trainer at ASBIS