Hacknime.to – The New Era of Government

This project uniquely integrates the concept of hackathons into public administration, fusing business concepts with public-sector needs to ensure citizen-centric, prosperous processes.


Say goodbye to sluggish processes and hello to rapid, digital solutions. The Ministry of Regional Development and Informatisation recognised the need to improve the quality of state administration services. Hackathons not only accelerates digital solution development, but also ensures these solutions are tailored to the specific needs of public institutions. In this digital era, it's time for citizens to experience government services at the speed of innovation.


The Hacknime.to project markedly improves Slovakia's government services. It centres around Hackathons, fostering knowledge exchange and skill enhancement, led by field experts. The procedure is simple: the administration shares with the ministry a problem they need to solve, the ministry organises a Hackathon where solution makers from around the country can share their expertise and express innovative solutions with the initiating administration. Financial capital is then provided to implement the most suitable solution. 


So far, the ministry has organised six hackathons, with 17 planned overall. Among various successful solutions, one standout example is the automation of car entry to the historical city centre. Formerly reliant on manual police monitoring, this solution digitises requests through a user-friendly form and automates entry monitoring via license plate recognition. Essentially, this initiative is transforming government functionality and significantly benefiting Slovak citizens' daily lives through enhanced, cutting-edge public services.

Project owner
Juraj Hošták
Director General, DG Innovation and Strategic Investments, Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
Project team
Elena Schweigert
Department for Innovation and Smart Agenda - Innovation and Strategic Investment Section
Project team
Klaudia Glittová
Project team
Lucia Lišiaková