Let’s Think Up Lublin Together: creating the participatory intelligence Lublin 2030 Strategy

In a complex process, carried out between 2019 and 2022, a widely accepted vision for Lublin in 2030 was agreed upon with a strategy for the development of Lublin.


The process of developing the Lublin 2030 Strategy involved a large team and required the use of carefully selected working methods and tools. Using innovative research methods, thousands of opinions and ideas were gathered, which have been poured into the city's policies for 2030. Focusing on the inhabitants and actively involving them at the stage of planning the future of the city made it possible to assign to them the role of co-authors of the Lublin 2030 Strategy.


The concept of the strategy was to be innovative, based on the Human Smart City 3.0 idea. Activities were directed towards the large-scale application of various participatory tools and techniques. Thousands of conversations with residents - comprising all social and age groups - resulted in the collection of many opinions and ideas for the development of Lublin, which were compiled in a dozen or so reports summarising the participatory activities. These reflections have been put into the most important municipal document defining Lublin's policy until 2030 – the Lublin 2030 Strategy.


The participation of residents in the strategy development process was not only a priority, but a key method of project realisation. This innovative approach leads to more inclusive, transparent, and resilient urban planning outcomes. It empowers communities, fosters trust, and harnesses local knowledge to create cities that better meet the needs and aspirations of their residents. In order to share the experiences gathered, the Strategic Management Academy was set up to promote participatory management as an effective method of building relationships, making decisions, and achieving results.

Project owner
Phd Krzysztof Żuk
Mayor of Lublin City
Project owner
Robert Żyśko
Deputy Director. Strategy and Investor Relations Department
Project owner
Paweł Cienkiera
Project Manager