Mas Coop – Intergenerational participatory housing

A cooperative housing group provides its members with affordable housing that is both clean and efficient, co-creating a living environment suitable for all generations.


Individuals united around the common values of solidarity, ecology, society and intergenerational exchange have created a cooperative in order to re-imagine their housing and to take it out of financial speculation. They give meaning again to the idea of a right to housing, that is both clean and efficient. The buildings are bioclimatic and clean, made from materials which are sourced sustainably from local sources where possible. 


A collective property: the residents' cooperative was founded on a new relationship with property defined as a third way between renting and ownership, between the private market and the public sector. Indeed, the cooperative group owns the land and buildings and a shared loan is repaid by the cooperative's residents on a monthly basis. The members of the cooperative co-create this living project with consensus decisions taken by all members, regardless of the number of shares they hold, using the one-member-one-vote principle.


The intergenerational aspect allows the elderly to age with dignity, in adapted housing, surrounded by young people and children to whom they can pass on their knowledge and life experience. Social inclusion allows young couples without means, or single-parent families, to access quality housing at a reduced price. These inhabitants choose a local solution: they prefer the village school, local producers and businesses. They set up carpools, get involved with associations and are actors in local life.

Project owner
Carole Delga
President of the Regional Council of Occitanie
Project owner
Cécile Naudot
Head of Human Resources
Project owner
Jean-Michel Fabre
Conseiller départemental du Canton de Toulouse