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Children learn about democracy through the game "Mayority", in which players take on the role of a Mayor.


Children (and many parents) know little about politics and democracy in their communities. For adults, it often means just going to the polls, and they pass on this attitude to their children. However, it is precisely at the community level that citizens can participate. In Guntramsdorf, children learn this early on. The project uses an innovative digital game to make democracy at the community level immediately tangible for children. As trust in politics decreases, Mayority succeeds in sparking children's interest in community issues and demonstrating how they too can shape politics.


In the game Mayority, Mayors deal with the needs of individual residents or groups, and can only win the game if they ensure all groups are satisfied. By playing this game, children intuitively grasp how social cohesion and democracy function. As the children play at being Mayors in the game and constantly have to handle needs of citizens, they experience the pressure and responsibility of a political role first-hand. This changes them and they almost perceive the "real" Mayor as a colleague, who they can communicate with on an equal footing.


After the game has been played in class, fundamental topics like fairness, equality, social cohesion, and democracy are reflected upon and questions are collected. At a follow-up event with the Mayor, Youth Councillor, and Communication Officer, those questions are addressed and lively discussion regarding the municipality's tasks and priorities take place. As children continue playing the game at home, they share with their parents what they gained from their discussions with Mayor and Youth Councillor and how they would like to contribute to shaping Guntramsdorf.

Project owner
Robert Weber
Mayor of Gutramsdorf
Project team
Paul Gangoly
Youth City Counsellor
Project team
Alexander Handschuh
Head of Communications, Citizens Service and Culture
Project team
Erika Klonner
Headmistress NMS Guntramsdorf
Project team
Luise Wernisch-Liebich
Project lead woti