MICADO: Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards

An interdisciplinary international project develops a generic solution facilitating communication between migrants, authorities and civil society, which can also be adapted to local needs.


Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards (MICADO) aims to facilitate the exchange between migrants, public authorities and engaged civic society and ease migrants' access to regular social systems (housing, education, healthcare and labour) and counselling services through attractive digital services. This will lower the socio-economic effort and expenditure in terms of migrant integration, both for host economies and individuals. MICADO empowers migrants by enabling essential communication, orientation and navigation within their new environments using a co-creation methodology. 


MICADO is an interdisciplinary international project that involves research institutions, public authorities and small- and medium-sized enterprises from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Austria. The aim is to co-develop a MICADO generic solution that can be adapted by local actors to their respective local challenges, in order to manage migration issues. The generic solution will first be piloted in Hamburg, Bologna, Madrid and Antwerp, and will then eventually be modified by local communities. Migrants themselves have also been involved in the creation process from the beginning; participating in workshops, presenting their needs, testing the App and providing feedback so that it could be adapted.


The outcome of the project will empower public authorities and local communities that assist migrants and refugees from their arrival in the EU with more efficient and more effective digital services. It will also support migrants and refugees by enabling essential communication, orientation and navigation within their new environments. The MICADO project contributes to the successful integration of migrants into host communities and to building up capacity for responding to future migration challenges and developments. The MICADO solution will be offered on an open-source platform and be transferable to communities in other European cities.

Project team
Ignacio Ayres Janeiro
General Director of Social Services and Social Innovation