LAAAB – Aragón’s Open Governance Laboratory

Citizen participation in public policy is encouraged through the laboratory's activities, which aim to bring institutions and citizens closer together through open deliberation and transparent decision-making.


The LAAAB is a laboratory which encourages citizen participation in the design of public policies: laws, plans and programmes. This tool for democratic innovation promotes participation and will be used to test new methodologies and techniques that improve debate and deliberation. These techniques are implemented both online and in-person, and are designed to increase and improve the involvement of citizens in public affairs.


The LAAAB is a meeting place between regional government and civil society, a place to cooperate, reflect and experiment together on finding solutions to common challenges. The main objective is to bring institutions closer to citizens, to enhance spaces of confluence where citizens, institutions and companies cooperate with the regional government to resolve shared challenges. This setup provides new insights and perspectives and promotes the experience of collective intelligence.


Currently, 15 public innovation ecosystems have been created with more than 100 workshops and activities, attended by more than 2,000 participants. The goal here is not just open dialogue, but also the participation of diverse communities sharing a common goal. Feedback sessions are a crucial aspect of accountability since they announce and justify citizen contributions that have been chosen to be developed.

Project team
Raúl Olivan Cortés
Director General for Open Government and Social Innovation
Project team
Carlos Olivan Villobas
Head of Citizen Participation and Social Innovation Service. Government of Aragon