Violence Algorithm

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The Violence Algorithm establishes a coordinated institutional response to domestic violence and supports integrated prevention mechanisms.


One of the main goals of BRIDGE (Connecting Local Community Members for Effective Gender-Based Violence Solutions) is to develop an algorithm that facilitates a coordinated multi-agency response and regulates smooth cooperation between authorities (police, child protection authorities, social services, a specialised victim support centre, and healthcare and educational institutions), in order to provide effective protection and assistance to victims of domestic violence. The problem of domestic violence was exacerbated during the pandemic, and it became clear that sustainable progress in the fight against violence can only be achieved through the joint efforts of various institutions.


Specialists in different fields from the Jonava District, Ukmerge District and Alytus City Municipalities participated in the development of the algorithm, and the process was moderated by experts from the Centre for Equality Advancement. The experiences and insights of female victims of violence were also integrated into its development. The algorithm helps form a general picture of the interaction between different institutions (using a kind of map) as well as highlighting the specific features of bilateral interactions. Based on a holistic approach, the algorithm provides a description of several processes important for solving the problem of violence: awareness of domestic violence, assistance to victims, coordinated prevention, and monitoring of progress.


For the first time in Lithuania an instrument has been created that helps to unite the efforts of specialists and uses the available resources of institutions to more effectively protect individuals from domestic violence. Importantly, the algorithm was developed on the basis of a balance between the involvement of decision-makers and professionals in specific fields. It provides an opportunity for professionals from different institutions to get an overall picture of response to domestic violence and to understand their role in the whole network. The algorithm itself establishes mechanisms that allow for close cooperation between the public and non-governmental sectors, both in providing assistance to victims and in the prevention of domestic violence.

Project team
Aurelija Auskalnyte
Gender Equality Expert, Center for Equality Advancement
Project team
Agne Balciuniene
Deputy Mayor, Ukmerge District Municipality
Project team
Edita Balzekiene
Interinstitutional Cooperation Coordinator, Ukmergė District Municipality Administration
Project team
Ona Baleviciute
Director, Alytus City Municipality Administration
Project team
Rimvyda Alisauskiene
Deputy Head of Education and Sports Division, Alytus City Municipality Administration
Project team
Mindaugas Sinkevičius
Mayor of Jonava District Municipality
Project team
Birute Gailiene
Deputy Mayor of Jonava District Municipality