Denica Yotova

Denica is the Head of Communications at the Innovation in Politics Institute.

What are your background and professional journey? What sparked your interest in working to support political innovation? 

I have a background in International Relations and European Studies, combined with hands-on experience in strategic communications and project management related to European foreign policy.

My passion has always been the intersection between communications and politics. At the Innovation in Politics Institute, I aim to provide a platform for innovative political ideas to be heard by the right audience and gain momentum.

What is your favourite part of your job? Why?

Creativity. I enjoy experimenting with new formats and approaches to familiar strategies and constantly pushing for improvement.

Contrary to the cliche of thinking outside the box, I prefer to keep the box and focus on filling it with unexpected content. We need boundaries and structure, especially when it comes to effective communication.

What is your first memory of politics?

One of my earliest and most impactful memories is of Bulgaria’s preparation to join the European Union. At school, I was captivated by the idea of being part of something larger than my own country. 

The concept of European nations coming together in their diversity piqued my curiosity and sparked a passion for learning more about belonging to a nation, to a continent, or to the global world.

To this day, I am still uncovering new layers of meaning in the idea of Europe.

How do you spend your free time?

I love Yoga. It brings balance to my life, helps me gain a deeper understanding of the world and puts things into perspective.

“Every word matters and has the power to inspire action”

Denica Yotova