Co-creating the Future

Jeanette Westergaard Frisk - Architect & Urban Designer, Partner / arki_lab, Denmark
6 November 2020, 9.15 am (CET)

Tips, Tricks and Secrets of Participatory Urban Development

Our built environment shapes us and so we should have the right to shape our built environment. This webinar will present a new approach to urban development that focuses on engaging people throughout the entire process. Tune in to learn about challenges and opportunities of participatory design and be inspired by arki_lab’s tool, methods and best practices of designing with people.

Visual recording – Frisk: Co-creating the Future, 6 November 2020 | Harald Karrer

About Jeanette Westergaard Frisk

Jeanette Westergaard Frisk has extensive national and international experience working with most disciplines in architecture: urban space and building design, small and large scale urban development, urban strategies, involvement and change management, research, exhibitions and much more. She has worked at top architecture firms including White Architects, Arkitema, and Witraz, on high profile projects and architectural competitions. She has experience teaching architecture and urban design at high school and university level. She also has experience facilitating creative workshops at elementary schools with a special focus on engaging kids and young people. When managing involvement processes Jeanette excels at facilitating constructive dialogue, managing conflicts and shows contagious enthusiasm.