This is an award presented by the people of europe, and by the people alone

Below you can find general information on participating in the Awards.


The Innovation in Politics Awards are presented in nine categories:


(Equality, Community, Inclusion)

We honour political work that strengthens democracy by providing for an open and free society and enabling new and effective forms of participation in political decision-making.

Climate Protection

(Decarbonisation, Environmental Protection, Sustainability)

We honour political work tackling the climate crisis and addressing issues such as energy, mobility, housing and food in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

democracy technologies

(Digital Participation, Deliberation, E-Voting)

We honour political work that applies and improves technologies in democratic processes and public life – with a focus on citizen participation.

government improvement

(Transparency, Accountability, Low Threshold)

We honour political work that applies and improves processes, information and communication in government services and public institutions, to improve their performance.

Social cohesion

(Diversity, Migration, Engagement)

We honour political work that ensures a positive standard of living for all members of a community, including modern health services, a safe living environment, and access to culture and the arts – for all citizens, whether they were born here, or not.

local development

(Rural Areas, Local Initiatives, Local Economy)

We honour political work that fosters local and regional cooperation and development in society, and supports the local economy (i.e. creates jobs) – no project is too small to be submitted!


(Learning, Teaching, Empowerment)

We honour political work that promotes education and facilitates life-long learning, including providing the knowledge and skills needed by resilient communities and individuals in an ever changing environment.

Party innovation

(Transparency, Mobilization, Technology)
We honour innovation in political parties that helps to make them more accessible, motivate people to be candidates and engage people in campaigns. For more information click here.


Please bear in mind that there are some formal criteria for a project to meet, to be accepted at all:

  • EUROPE: Projects are accepted only from member countries of the Council of Europe (CoE).
  • POLITICIANS INVOLVED: A politician or a group of politicians must have played a key role in making the project possible. This includes elected and appointed representatives at all levels of government in all CoE member countries who were active at the time the project started.
  • TAXPAYER’S MONEY: The project must have been financed, at least partially, with public funds (money or other resources)
  • IMPACT: Each project must have had a tangible and material impact on the lives of citizens. Communication campaigns, events, scientific studies and analyses, as well as projects at the planning stage, are not admissible.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Projects that diminish the values expressed in the universal declaration of human rights in any way will be excluded.