Vouchers for restaurant visits

After two months of corona lockdown, many bars, restaurants, and cafés in Vienna are open again. To support everyone enjoying socialising again, the city of Vienna is issuing all Viennese households with gastronomy vouchers worth 25 or 50 euros – depending on the size of the household.

The campaign is also a thank you for the social cohesion and “genuine Viennese repose” that the city’s residents displayed during the coronavirus crisis and the restrictions that came with it.

The “Vienna Gastro Voucher” campaign runs from June to September 2020. 950,000 Viennese households will receive a voucher by mail, which they can redeem at a participating establishment. One-person households will receive a 25 euro voucher, households with more people a voucher worth 50 euros.

Find out more about the project here or here. This is the link for the government website (in German).